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Do people not see what the point in making a video is? It is supposed to be entertaining! Some monstrosity that was wipped up in 2 seconds with flash and speakonia is not entertaining. It was completely boring.

The flash flood is pointless. Nobody cares about these hideous abominations, with apologies to every hideous abomination I insulted.

It was boring, uneventful, and any other synonym of the type. The music is overused, the drawing style is very bland, and it ends very abruptly. Not to mention, you also tried to be funny by saying "fuck" as many times as possible, in which that failed. However, it is good compared to Clock Crew's spawn of hell, so I will give you that.

1 of 5.

This was sloppy, but I thought it was funny just becuase of the bad drawing style and voice acting. It equals entertainment if I can laugh at it.

flashmakeit responds:

Thanks for watching and leaving a comment.

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I really love this game. I hate bronies with all my guts and I have to say, blasting apart ponies and bronies was the most satisfying thing ever. You are amazing.

Within a few seconds of playing, I pressed one button then my character gets stuck moving in one direction. So, it is a normal avoider game, which is alright but the bug with my character constantly moving is game corruping. I also do not think it was worth waiting for the commercial. It is alright, but could use LOTS of improvment.

2 of 5.

BobsBox responds:

I think that may be a problem on your end as I haven't found anyone else experiencing this problem, if it persists feel free to get in touch and we can look into fixing any potential glitches! Thanks for the review.


It was worth playing. I got 43 points. I found it interesting when you eat multiple portal blocks and your snake is warping all over the screen. It is also in a conveinient size, so if anybody still has the nerve to use dial-up, they could play. :P Also, one question. If this game is 4 kilobytes, how did you manage to fit an entire audio track into it? I found it a little odd though how tetris music is playing in a completely different game.

But anyway, 3 stars.

Zer0Problem responds:

I don't know what's up with the 4kb. I uploaded a 6mb archive with both .ogg and .mp3 of the pickup sound and the music.

I needed both .ogg and .mp3 because IE can't play .ogg and some other browsers can't play .mp3.

And I got 81 points more than you. :)

I hate strawberry clock... I hate strawberry clock... I hate him! I FRIGGIN' HATE HIM!! Anyway, I animate stick figures, and that is about it. Other than the fact that I hate strawberry clock.

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