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Entry #4

More updates! Bleghbleghbleghblegh!

2013-07-14 13:22:38 by FraserKaye

Alright, I am puting all my time into the Choose Your Death interactive animation, so SSFS2 (aka Battlefield 4.5) is being delayed. Choose Your Death is about 70% percent complete, so expect it in the next few weeks or so.

I have also updated my age. Yes, I am 14 years old.

And the unnamed Point & Click adventure has been canceled, due to some issues with file sharing, and compatability. I might try to make one on my own in the near future... or far future... or maybe 1 Planck second. Who knows?

Now for an additional update on the Choose Your Death, I have completed:

1. Crowbar
2. Rifle
3. Sticky Bomb
4. Tirespoon
5. Needle Scaler
6. Monk Spade
7. Beat Down
8. SMG
9. Tentacle
10. Defective Taser
11. Acid
12. On Command
13. Sword

So I have 7 more to go. I also threw in a bunch of easter eggs here and there. Good luck finding them when it is out!

Edit: I decided to cut it a little short, but it won't be a dissapointment. I swear. *sshole f*ck sh*t. See? I do swear!


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2013-07-15 04:36:16

Alright, cool, looking forward to it.